Sampling the region with RedBull

We all know by now recently Cairns became the talk of the world’s MTB community when the UCI held Round.2 of the World-Cup series in our own backyard. The snakes, the spiders and the nasty plants lurking in the lush, green rainforest clad mountains had everyone on edge and unsure what to expect around every next bend. But for all the right reason, it instantly become one of the best memories for riders, spectators and sponsors alike as they all got to experience our way of doing things in the rainforest!

Needless to say, RedBull have always been a huge player in the extreme sports world in showcasing the vast and diverse differences in culture and lifestyle among the most scenic corners of the world. They loved it here, and we are happy to say you won’t be seeing the last of them either!

Be sure to check back regularly over time as the ever progressive and forward thinking minds at RedBull collaborate on more projects with RideCairns showcasing our unique corner of the world!


Epic trails, fast lines, snakes, spiders and waterfalls

Off the back of the UCI World Cup in Cairns New Zealand ripper and all-around nice guy Brook Macdonald headed off to explore some of the lesser-known local terrain.

What he found, besides the snakes, spiders and all things deadly? Some epic lines that stretch right down from the Rainforest to the Reef For more epic spots in Australia’s north check out our gallery!

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