2017 Gravitate Mountain Bike Festival

2017 Gravitate Mountain Bike Festival

Now in it’s 7th year, Gravitate Tropical Mountain Bike Festival will again set out to provide a truly unique take on the Mountain Bike Festival.

Since it’s inception in 2010 as a reunion for the original ‘Great Northern Hill Tribe’ – who set out to determine the Australian way of MTB life – Gravitate has moved on to expand over all regions of Tropical North Queensland and incorporate multiple clubs and voices.

Since the first years of Gravitate, events have included 16″ mini-bike pub challenges, epic trail rides, the dawn-to-dusk DH tour, DH racing, Enduro racing, XC racing, skills clinics, dirt jumps, pump track and pony Xpress racing. Gravitate has grown to throw an umbrella over and help celebrate with riders of all ages and all disciplines – raising awareness for the Tropical North Queensland region and its longstanding position as a must-visit MTB destination.

The Gravitate schedule and dates for  2017 are still being finalised, but is looking to go ahead in the lead up to the World Championships in September, so earlier than previous years. Watch this space!