Where to ride during the wet season?


The rains are here!

The wet season (we like to call it the Green Season) may be coming around once again, but it’s no excuse to stay trapped indoors! There are plenty of opportunities to get your daily bike fix even in rainy weather – either by sneaking an early-morning roll along any of the cycle paths throughout the region, or heading to any of the beaches for a caffeine stop. Still find the urge to go ride your favourite trails? Read below to ensure an enjoyable and safe Green Season on the bike!

Riding the Mountain Bike Parks in the rain

While the Mountain Bike Parks in the region boast some durable and weather-permitting trails – being able to shed water as an example – they are not invincible. During the heavier rains, the earth will loosen up and become susceptible to breaking up under normal bike impact no matter how good the drainage is. It only takes a few riders in these conditions to ruin a previously perfect section of trail. This can compromise the effectiveness of water shedding and drainage implemented in the first place, leading to low-spots and pools of water & mud which can hang around and cause problems even after the trails start drying up.

While some slipping and sliding around muddy corners may sound fun – keep a thought for how the trails get to be in the first place. Countless hours go into the process of building and maintaining trails, courtesy of local parks and many volunteers. They are indispensable in ensuring the trails are kept in safe riding condition and rely on the smart thinking and consideration of those who enjoy the trails to stay clear and let the sun do its job. Keep up to date with the Mountain Bike Parks by following along on Social Media, or checking their websites for the latest trail status & closures.

Smithfield Mountain Bike Park

Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park

Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park

Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park

While this shouldn’t be taken as gospel, the Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park often holds up well to the heaviest of rains, and offers relatively mud-free riding conditions with its hard packed, granite soil shedding water naturally and minimising the effects by excessive water. You may still find water flowing across or along trails in the rockier sections – but there is generally a solid base underneath that offers ample traction and minimal mud! Of course, it goes without saying you should exercise due care and some judgement and take a look at what you are about to ride. If a trail looks muddy – it most certainly is, and should be steered clear of.

The Bump Track

Surprisingly enough, the Bump Track offers some fun and weather friendly riding, even during the heavier rains. With such an established and set-in corridor cut through the rainforest, there is a hard base to ride on for the most part, with minimal sections of mud. Be cautious when entering the top half of the Bump Track, the main creek crossing may be flowing a bit higher than normal – but is not known to cause dangerous crossing conditions and you shall expect to get wet feet, as in most conditions, when walking through anyway! The descent, with its hard packed surface and frequent maintenance by the councils, sheds water very efficiently with its waterbars and offers a fun, safe and mud-free ride down into the Mowbray Valley.

The Northern Beaches

Why not just head to the beach? The beach front at Palm Cove is a perfect spot to ride to, and around, on the bike. Cycle paths along the Captain Cook Highway service all the beach suburbs and offer easy, safe, family friendly riding if you have the young ones tagging along. The beachfronts are often quieter during the rains, and you won’t be competing with crowds to find a spot at any of the cafes. Head out onto Palm Cove Jetty, and watch as the thick clouds hang low as they roll over the Great Dividing Range and disperse out over the Great Barrier Reef!

Edmonton Pump Track

Fun for the whole family, and weather friendly! The brand new, asphalt pump-track in Edmonton’s Fuller Park is perfect for getting you on the bike, and doing some serious exercise while it’s wet outside! For those un-aware, pump-track offers a physical challenge where you navigate the berms and rollers without the input of pedalling – by pushing and ‘pumping’ the bike to gain momentum. For the more experienced riders, you can build up speed and even get some air between rollers. For beginners or younger riders, the pump track still provides a fun challenge and learning ground for bike handling skills which translate to the dirt trails for when the sun comes back out!

Why not stay off the bike?

This is Cairns, and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting into the great outdoors – rain, hail (we hope not!) or shine. Whether you take a break to simply enjoy what Tropical North Queensland has to offer, or still require something physical to keep you going – there are plenty of options! Head into the rainforest and check out any of the countless streams and waterfalls, or book a day out on one of the many reputable reef operators, hit up the cable-ski park, head to Kuranda via Skyrail or Train, learn about our interesting wildlife at Hartleys Crocodile Farm or Rainforest Station, or experience some white water rafting! We hope you can think twice before heading out to hit your favourite trail in the Mountain Bike Park, and try something different – and equally fun – instead!