This 6km track was originally an Aboriginal trail between the coastal and mountain regions, and in the early days of settlement was a crucial link between Port Douglas and the hinterland for settlers and miners.

The ascent for the Bump Track starts with a 2km challenging incline, including one nasty steep climb called Slatey Pinch at the halfway point. After this, it is 4km of rolling hilly bumps, including a steep drop into a mountain stream approximately 2km from the top of the track. The descent from The Bump is graded so is in relatively good condition.

There are very few technical obstacles. The drop into the mountain stream is very slippery and steep to exit and requires all riders to walk their bike out. The Bump Track ends at Mowbray Valley. From Mowbray River Road there is a bitumen road and cane field headlands to Port Douglas, with a beach ride along the iconic Four Mile Beach to finish!